As a certified personal trainer, fitness and sport performance coach, and the foundation of RadiantLM, I embrace the idea of helping others reach their fitness goals. But for me the client trainer relationship is much more than training. I treat all my clients like family and believe that uplifting them, challenging them mentally, instilling a positive mindset is key to flourishing health and wellness. Our bodies react to our minds, and our minds control our bodies. If we incorporate a strenuous workout regiment but lack an encouraging and positive mentality, we are left in a state of stress which our body will not adapt to as well as if we were in a stress free environment.

I have experience training clients in all walks of life from youth athletes to senior citizens. I have also trained several professional athletes, keeping them playing at their highest level and maintaining endurance for their demanding seasons. My primary focus when it comes to training in every session is injury prevention and health. Staying healthy is so important for athletes and the general population. If you are injured or unhealthy that inhibits our ability to achieve our fitness goals. Some of the most rewarding experiences for me as a trainer have been working with senior citizens who thought their best days were behind them and struggled in routine everyday activities. Through well structured programs designed for their needs, they were able to see tremendous progress in everyday functional activities, mobility, strength, balance etc. making life much more enjoyable.

Stop putting your life on hold or letting it pass by and lets get started on becoming a better you. Together we can live a radiant lifestyle physically and mentally. Contact me for designed workouts that fit your needs and will help reach your goals.