Change Your Mind, Change Your Life

I hope everyone had a wonderful and merry Christmas and is looking forward to a happy new year. If you’re going into the new year with doubt and fear maybe a simple mind change can help with that. We usually tend to express what is on our mind, and if all we see is failure and upset then that’s probably what we will endure going into the new year.

Every year we hear so many people saying that next year is going to be their year and they will make big changes. However it is more common that people experience the same situations from the prior years or in other words failed resolutions. Why is this? The best answer is probably a mindset of fear that prevents any change in our lives. So how can we change this mindset and how simple is it? Well first of all it is not an overnight change. We have to truly believe in change and have a vision that we are driven to achieve. For many people that have faced failure all their life, this is the hardest part. The best advice I would give is to start by declaring things over your life every morning, first thing when you wake up. Even if you don’t believe at first, if you start declaring things such as courage, happiness, success, and any personal characteristic over your life, you will soon start to believe. Once you start to believe that you are not a failure and you have purpose, you gain power to start working towards your goals. The way you start your day usually determines how your day will go, so why not positivity. Action is the first step, and if you never take initial action you will not see change in your life. I recommend to start a journal and write down all your thoughts everyday and see how they progress over time. To top off starting your day with positivity, we usually wake up with the same feelings we go to sleep with at night. Therefore take time at night to count your blessings from that day and recognize all the progress and positivity in your life that day and reflect on it.

Everyday is not going to be easy and we will face many failures still in our lifetime, however we can not move forward in life if we are stagnant in a negative mindset. Take steps to change your view on life and find things to believe in and you will begin to see change in your life. Don’t let your past define you.


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